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Progressive, Melodic, Tech House, Deep Tech, Techno, Minimal



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History & Projects

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Mystic Circle is an electronic music collective that organizes events and is working to become a music label and digital magazine.

Mystic is founded in 2023 by 4 friends who share a great love for music and art, they are: Diego Jimenez, Jon Zamora, Jovan Soto and Luis Alvarado, who are very committed to this passion and decide to start this project, but Mystic did not It's just them behind them there are producers, other groups, artists, a marketing team and clearly always all those who accompany us dancing at our events.

In this project we do not focus on a specific genre but rather give our artists artistic freedom to express their music, among the genres that you will hear from them we find: Progressive, Melodic, Techno, Tech House, Minimal, Afro House etc

We really want to carry a product and our promise will always be quality and safety for clubbers.

About the artists

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A continuación mira informacion de interés y noticias sobre este proyecto

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